Road Marking PaInts


Airports, Ports, Floor markings on industrial areas, Car parks, Military areas, City and intercity roads, Tennis, Basketball Sport fields, which have asphalt or cement floors.


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Boydur®  Marker 100

It is a MMA based, one component, cold applied road marking paint, especially design for light traffic areas, car parks, and industrial areas. Like the other MMA products it has fast curing period (approx. 1 hour after the application). Boydur® Marker 100 is full resistance against UV. And all types of weather conditions, and also resistance to dirt, oil, etc. It has thermoplastic flexibility, easy to repair, and comparable with other types of road marking paints very good reflection even without glass beads application.

Marker 100 Broshure     Marker 100 Technical Data      Marker 100 Safety Data Sheet 

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Boydur®  Marker 564

It is a MMA based, three components, cold plastic road marking paint. It is applied with min. 2-3mm. thickness(without glass beads surface). Boydur® Marker 564 is solvent free, suited for inside and outside areas, and ready to use approx. 45-60 minutes after the application. We produced Boydur® Marker 564 in different RAL traffic colors (white, yellow, red, blue and green). Boydur® Marker 564 is full resistance against UV and all types of weather conditions, fuel, oil, dirt, etc. We especially recommend to use Boydur® Marker 564 for pedestrian crossing, stop lines and direction arrows. It can applied on heavy traffic areas, airports, ports and highways.

Marker 564 Broshure     Marker 564 Technical Data      Marker 564 Safety Data Sheet

Boydur® Marker 663

Boydur® Marker 663 is a MMA based, two components, cold- spray plastic road marking paint. It is solvent-free, suited for inside and outside areas, and has a very short curing period. 

Marker 663 Broshure       Marker 663 Technical Data        Marker 663 Safety Data Sheet

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