Joint Sealants


Airports, Runways, Aprons, Ports, Refineries, Gas Stations, Industrial areas, Ware houses, Roads, Military areas, Car parks, Bridges.

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Boydur® Akrigum

Boydur® Akrigum is a two components, MMA based, quick repair and Joint filler. It is suited for inside and outside areas. Boydur® Akrigum, can be used on cement, brick, mosaic (terrazzo). It has a very strong connection where it applies. It has a thermoplastic flexibility. They are two types of Boydur® Akrigum: Boydur® Akrigum Liquid for floor surfaces, Boydur® Akrigum Paste for wall surfaces. They are applied on surfaces, where Boydur® A10 has been applied.

Akrigum Broshure     Akrigum Technical Data      Akrigum Safety Data Sheet

Boydur® P12

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Two components, cold applied, pourable sealer, based on polyurethane polymers and coal tar. After mixing, cures to form a tough resilient sealant for horizontal joints. It is suited for inside and outside areas. Boydur® P12 provides the water insulation between the concrete elemets. It is specially design and has been tested for Airport Runway and aprons because resistans to jet fuel , fuel and motor oils. Boydur P12 is solvent free and very easy to apply. It has excellent adhesion to common surfaces, performs well over a broad temperature range. Good temporary resistance to wide variety of solutions and micro organismus. 

 P12 Broshure     P12 Technical Data      P12 Safety Data Sheet

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