About Us

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Who We Are?

In Turkey, Boytorun has a leading reputation in construction and road industries. The reason is our researches and best effort for producing good quality products, fast and professional application.

We started our activities in 1965. In those years, our company become a leading organization in both Turkish and Middle Eastern markets due to the quality of the products. Significantly our company was awarded several times” Certificate of Merit”. The Boytorun products, with trade mark Boydur® , used of course with different names of the different companies are already sucessfully used in many countries for years, due to their quality, long lasting, economic life, etc.

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We manufacture on the north side of Istanbul with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TSE standarts. We are the only one Turkish MMA based resins producer and formulate our own products with International know-how.

For producing our own products, we produce the Boydur resins with best available production technology and do all the quality tests. Our aim is to get the best results from the production and application of our Boydur® resins based products. Our Customers benefits are the quality guarantee of our company.

Where to use?

  • Airports, Runway and Aprons, 
  • Ports and Shipyards, 
  • Refineries, Gas stations, 
  • Military Areas, 
  • City and Intercity Roads, Bridges, Sidewalks, Squares, Municipalities,
  • Industrial Areas, Warehouses, Inside Factory Roads,
  • Car Parks, 
  • Shopping Centers, Stores, 
  • Business Centers, Offices, 
  • Housing Estates, Houses, Apartments,
  • Ship Decks,  
  • Hospitals, 
  • Hotels, Holiday Villages,
  • Universities, 
  • Exhibition Centers,
  • TV and Radio stations, 
  • Bars,Resteurants, 
  • Protection of historical buildings.  

Why Boydur® Products?

  • Boytorun’s Boydur® products are easy to use on outside and inside areas. T
  • Fast curing period.  Approximately 45-60 minutes after the application Boydur®  products will be ready to use.
  • Very long lasting. 
  • Resistance to dirt and oil. 
  • Resistance to chemicals, mechanical traffic. 
  • Rich  colors and different styles. 
  • Not harmful for Human health.  
  • Thermoplastic flexibility.
  • 50 years of experience. 

Top 5 Products:

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Boydur M12: It is a two components, MMA based mortar for anchorage,repair and flooring. Boydur M12 has fast curing period(approx.1 hour).It is suited for inside and outside areas.(Full resistance against UV. and all weather conditions).It is mainly used as a quick repair mortar, for the areas in where cracks and holes cause dangerous situation.It is a long lasting easy to use and full resistance materials for heavy load and many chemicals. Boydur M12 may also apply as a flooring material, especially on the area which are heavily effect from chemical products and /or have heavy traffics.

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Vialit Rephalt: We are the distributor of Vialit only in Turkey. If you have interested in please visit www.vialit.at. for distributorship for your country and product details. 

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Boydur® Akrigum: Boydur® Akrigum is a two components, MMA based, quick repair and Joint filler. It is suited for inside and outside areas. Boydur® Akrigum, can be used on cement, brick, mosaic (terrazzo). It has a very strong connection where it applies. It has a thermoplastic flexibility. They are two types of Boydur® Akrigum: Boydur® Akrigum Liquid for floor surfaces, Boydur® Akrigum Paste for wall surfaces. They are applied on surfaces, where Boydur® A10 has been applied.

Boydur Marker 100: IMG 9785-improved DarkroomIt is a MMA based, one component, cold applied road marking paint. It is very easy to use. Like the other MMA products, it has fast curing period( approx. 1 hour after the application) . Boydur Marker 100 is full resistance against UV. and all types of weather conditions, and also resistance to dirt ,oil,etc. It has thermoplastic flexibility, easy to repair, and comparable with other types of road marking paints very good reflection even without glass beads application.

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Boydur Marker 564: It is a MMA based, three components  (A+B+Hardener), cold and self leveling applied road marking paint. It is applied with 2-3 mm. thicknesses (without glass beads surface).Boydur Marker 564 is solvent free, suited for inside and outside areas and ready to use approx. 45-60 minutes after the application.We produced Boydur Marker 564 in different RAL traffic colors ( white, yellow, red, green). Boydur Marker 564 is full resistance against UV. All types of weather conditions, fuel, oil,dirt,etc. We especially recommend to use Boydur Marker 564 for pedestrian crossing, stop lines, an direction arrows. It can applied on heavy traffic areas, airports, highways. 




Tel: +90-212-229 18 29- 34    Fax:+90 212-229 18 59   E-Mail: info@boytorun.com    Facebook:Boytorun Kimya  Skype: boytorunofis.