What is Methacrylate?

It is a Petroleum based row material use in many industries:

Medicine, Acrylic sheets, construction chemicals, decorative items,

lighting, wall panels, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Who we are?

We are the only Turkish Company producing Methylmethacrylate-based  resins and products for Construction. Chemicals Industry Our company was established in 1965.

How can we help you?

As all our indoor and outdoor floor problems, our products are dried in full strength in 1 hour, you will obtain a long-lasting, durable and reliable solution without disrupting your traffic, work flow.

As you do not need to wait for your maintenance and repair time, you provide a much more economical and materially free solution.

We can provide 100% support for the application of our products.



Floor Mortars

Boydur M12/Akribeton

Boydur M12

Vialit Rephalt ( Only in Turkey)

Boydur M12/A15

Boydur M12/A125

Boydur M12/A20 Dolgu

Road Marking Paints

Boydur Marker 100

Boydur Marker 564

Boydur Marker 564 Industrial

Joint Sealant

Boydur Akrigum

Boydur P12-Boydur P30

Industrial Floor

Boydur Akrifleks

Boydur CK20

Boydur CK100

Boydur Mortar

Surface Protection Products

Boydur A10

Boydur H900

Boydur Boycolor

Methacrylate Resins

Boydur 564

Boydur 520

Boydur A10

Boydur A20

Boydur 661

Boydur 663


• Full strength dries 1 hour after application.

• Can be used indoors and outdoors.

• It has the ability to stretch the thermoplastic to work together with the applied floor.

• Easy to apply and renew.

• Not affected by atmospheric conditions, many chemicals, mechanical loading.

• Very long service life. It does not spoil its color and quality for years.

• Very durable.

• Special production in accordance with the air temperature of the area.

• Boytorun Chemical Industry Inc. experience

Where to use?

Especially, approx. 1hour drying time is the most important reason to choose

our products:

•     Industrial Areas,

•     Military Areas,

•     Airports

•     Ports, Shipyards, Piers

•     Refineries

•     Logistics and Warehouses

•     Car Parks,

•     Shopping Centers,

•     Ships,

•     Train, Subway, Rail and Stations,

•     Hotel and Resorts,

•     Trade Centers,

•     Roads, bridges, Viaducts and Tunnels,

•     Building and Road Construction

•     Historical Buildings.


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